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This forum is meant as an otherkin sanctuary. Respect and acceptance are key in this community.
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 Forum Rules ~AS OF 2/13/13

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Forum Rules ~AS OF 2/13/13 Empty
PostSubject: Forum Rules ~AS OF 2/13/13   Forum Rules ~AS OF 2/13/13 Icon_minitimeWed Feb 13, 2013 10:55 pm

Welcome to Inner Truth.
In a community such as this, it is prudent to lay out a few guidelines in regards to interacting with fellow members.
Failure to adhere to set guidelines will result in administrator intervention.

*Set guidelines are subject to amendments. All amendments will be announced immediately.

~ Keep a open mind.
~ Use your common sense. Yes, everyone has a opinion. If you disagree, leave it at that; just agree to disagree.
~ Be courteous and respectful to all on here. If you have a problem with something or someone, try to resolve the issue peacefully. If that is not possible, please take it up with an admin. Please let's have no bickering, fighting, or arguing. Amiable debates are welcome.
~ The admins are here to help you out. They would like your input on subjects, topics and other thing; they are your friends, not your rival or your enemy.



Those are the most important.

Let's try to be as clear and legible as possible because not everyone can understand texting language and those with English as a second or third language may find it difficult to decipher.

This is not a role playing site. However, the playful banter of role play style *actions* keeps things fun. As long as everyone realizes that each member's identity is real to him/her, play is encouraged. We could even make a role playing section, if it is popular enough.

Asking questions in attempt to understand is encouraged; demanding proof is not, nor is denying one's claim because you feel it is not possible.
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Forum Rules ~AS OF 2/13/13
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